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Current projects


Potential - Feature Film 

A dramatic comedy about the life choices we make and what happens when the world grows up without us. 'Potential' follows the lives of two twenty-somethings trying to jump-start their respective futures. Broke and struggling due to poor decision-making and a fear of failure, the two roommates and aspiring screenwriters fight to make ends meet and gain forward momentum in their lives, all the while dealing with dead-end jobs, faltering relationships, and the successes of their friends.

Objects - Short film/Comic Book


In this near-future noir, a courier and a hopeful client bring two very different agendas to the table in their first encounter.  Click here to see the trailer for the completed film, and find out how you can help expand the story.


5 Stages - Comedy Sketch


Whether it's working in retail, the world of dating, or writing a screenplay the Dog on Deck crew uses the 5 stages of grief to show you their unique take on handling life. Here.

Charm City Champion - Comic Book/Web series


After 10 years away, Navy veteran Donald Willis returns to his Baltimore neighborhood haunted by more than his past.  As he settles in, he finds himself pulled into the shadows of his hometown.  Now, he must embrace his place among the ghosts and lore of Charm City - a legacy that has been centuries in the making.

Card Games - Short Film/Web Series


Many people joke about selling their souls for glory.  For Jerry, it's not a joke.  Now he must now deal with the consequnces of it.

I Care - Short Film


Joe is a hard working and caring individual, but now his loyalty is being called into question.  Does he choose his girl or his job... and who cares either way?

The Phone Call - Short Film

Alex, on the verge of a break down, trys to call someone close for support.  The return call he gets is from someone both familiar and strange.

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