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About Mike

   When Michael Scheffler was born, the angels sang and demons lamented as the heavens cracked and light flooded the Earth.  Women wept with joy and men tore at their garments in lamentation of their own inadequacies as he opened his eyes to his new home; his new kingdom.  The very essence of nature whispered in his ear, regaling him with prophecies of literary magnificence; his words would sway nations, his pen would conquer hearts.  His future was bright, joyous, and ensured.

   Naturally, he became a data analyst.

After years of fruitless toil, Michael searched his soul and cast away the bondage of tedious, yet comfortable labor to go forth and follow his dreams.  His quest led him through heartbreak and failure, yet through perseverance and the hardened will of Crom, he solved the Riddle of Steel and the jeweled laptop of Aquilonia sits before his talented visage, its inviting keyboard almost trembling with anticipation of his touch.

   In short, Michael is a writer and performer who is proud to add his talents, both real and imagined, to Dog on Deck.


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