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About Jason

  Jason got his start as a photographer in the Navy at the age of 17. He tested his skills in a fast-paced operational environment and worked his way into videography and broadcast news production.  At 22, he became a news director for American Forces Radio and Television overseas. 

  Since leaving the Navy in 2005 he has worked on major Motion Pictures, including The Mist and Dukes of Hazard, as well as independent films such as Mr. Jones. He worked as an editor on documentaries for Discovery Channel, History Channel, and The Biography Channel. Eventually he worked his way up from an editor to the assistant broadcast manager at a fledging cable network.

  A graduate of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, recently he wrote and directed the short film Room Service. He has had a number of short films screen at various east coast film festivals. He currently has 3 feature comedy screenplays in various stages of development. With over a decade of experience in both photography and film production, Jason brings a unique voice and passion to every project he works on.

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